13th: Whins


This is the last and shortest of the four pitch-holes. From the tee set back into the trees, an accurate tee shot is essential to a long narrow two-tiered green that slopes off to the right throwing any shot in that direction further right. To the left and eating into the green is a deep and punishing bunker in which many cigars have been lit. The length of the green provides a great range of pin-placings and there is almost two clubs difference from front to back. The putting surface is extremely difficult to read with many obvious and subtle borrows. If you walk off this green with figures anywhere near to par for the last four holes, buy yourself a drink when you finish - you’ve earned it!

Hole SponsorMoore Stephens

Pro's Tip:

If the pin is at the back of the green take enough club to take the bunker out of play.

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