Congratulations to Open Week Winners

Congratulations to our Open Week winners, once again thanks to our sponsors.  

Saturday 14th July Lis Glass Builders Ltd Open Stroke    CSS 69
1st John O Toole 64  
2nd Uel Henry 65 BBN 
3rd Seamus Mulvenna 65  
4th William Surgin 66  
5th Mike Massey 67 BBN
6th Gary Barkley 67  
Gross Nicky McClay 67  









Sunday 15th July Carnet Car Sales Four Ball Better Ball   CSS NQ
1st R Stewart & B Regan 46 Pts  
2nd S McAllister & A Spiers 45 Pts  
3rd P McKenna & W McRoberts 44 Pts  






Tuesday 17th  July Absolute Anon Senior Open Stabelford    CSS 67
1st Raymond Douglas 42 pts  
2nd David McConkey 41 pts  
3rd James Clarke 40 pts  
4th Brian Garrett 40 pts  
5th Jock Carmichael 38 pts BBN
6th Nat Robinson 38 pts  








Tuesday 17th  July Absolute Anon Gents Open Stabelford    CSS 67
1st Nicky McClay 38 pts  
2nd Norman Johnston 37 pts  BBN
3rd Charlie Robinson 37 pts  
 Juvenile  Sean Murphy  38 pts  







Wednesday 18th  July McClay Trophies & Engraving Against Par    CSS 69
1st Brian O Hara 3 Up  
2nd Andrew Little 1 Up  
3rd Neil McKinstry 1 Up  
4th Gary Brennan 1 Up  
5th Nigel Black Level  







Friday 20th  July Gary McKinstry IFA Open Stableford    CSS 69
1st Brian Galway 40 pts  
2nd Gary McKinstry 39 pts  BBN
3rd Chris Guiller 39 pts  BBN
4th Brian Haveron 39 pts  BBS
5th Nick McClay 39 pts BBT







Saturday 21st July AM NexDay Baine Trophy Open Stroke    CSS 69
1st Tony Watts 65  BBN
2nd Thomas Hart 65  
3rd Harry McGoldrick 66  BBN
4th James Montgomery 66  
5th Ian McIlroy 67 BBN
6th Nat Robinson 67  
Gross Kenny Lough 67  










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