Winter League 2017

This year's Winter League is now up and running the competition will be played over 9 holes each week and we will keep you updated with scores as they become available.

Good luck to all the teams.

Team 1
Team 2 Tabel 3 Taeam 4
Not so Early Birds On the Buses      Disco's Nobs          Down the Shore    
B McCluggage S Mills G McKinstry O Mulvenna
H McVeigh S Mulvenna B Lyness M Mulvenna
P Johnston B Rea J McKinstry M Keown
A Hughes R Lyttle K Lough S Montgomery
N Sittlington F Beattie K McKay T Bird
G Cowie C Rea S Watts M Holmes
Team 5 Team 6 Team 7 Team 8
Glens Merry Men The Coasters The Stiff Shafters El Banditos
G McKinstry P Gingles M Massey D Todd
G Gowdy T Close A Knox D McAllister
A Gowdy S McAllister V Lennon N Gorman
T Hagan M McAllister I Thompson D Long
C Weir D Wilson B Surgin K McGoldrick
A Crum J Wilson U Henry W Lilley
Team 9 Team 10 Team 11 Team 12
Game of Moans Table Toppers Rum Fokkers The Crumblers
D Gore C Robinson A Dempsey J Crum
J Campbell G Brennan W Ogilby S McCourt
A McRoberts B Haveron D Thompson C McCourt
K Campbell T Anderson H Logue R Stewart
K McKinly J Anderson R McMurtry B Rolston
B Garrett R McKinstry A McFarlane B Regan
Team 13 Team 14 Team 15 Team 16
Power Rangers Dennis the Menaces Men with no Name G.B.H
N Black D Doran A Reid J Crawford
E Moore B Wilson G Topping D McClean
J Carmichael S King N Kane J McMahon
T Hart A King T O'Donnell R O'Neill
D McConkey J O'Toole N McKinstry S Craig
R Armour D McGrillis M McKinstry A Nesbitt



Cairndhu Golf Club Ltd
Day Min Max Wind Weather
5°C 6°C

15 mph

5°C 5°C

21 mph

7°C 10°C

15 mph